Christopher Washington, the founder of SOLVE, worked with a micro-finance group and helped to expand their capacity for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the West African nation of Togo. He made a startlingly observation during his service on how most micro-finance groups do not focus on social enterprise even though most of the beneficiaries are from vulnerable populations. One solution was to create an association of strategic partnerships to found Cyber Ave, an Internet café run by victims of Polio. Cyber Ave introduced the Internet by providing classes to the villagers of Assahoun. The popularity of Cyber Ave also promoted the status of disabled persons as fully capable members of society that can make a difference.  Upon returning to the U.S, Christopher  adopted many of the principles and themes from his work in Togo in the formulation of SOLVE. He believes that it is through using shared knowledge and forging strategic alliances that an organization is capable of providing solutions to issues of development while elevating the role and status of disadvantaged groups.

He is blogging concerning inner-city social entrepreneurs, L3C Corporations, Cooperatives, and environmental justice.